TPA Home Designs serving New England and Eastern New York revolves around like minded individuals in the building trades who understands Systems Built products(modular)as well as on site stick building.

We work extensively with architects, engineers, energy consultants, solar experts, and the modular company of your choice. If you do not have a modular home company to work with we can recommend one.

Design and finish options are without limit. We have an "actual" collaboration with each client. We can visit your *site, get your ideas on positioning the home in the proper direction to achieve the views from within your home that your dreaming of.

If a builder claims that your plan or idea is not modular friendly, talk to us. Your project may be a hybrid (meaning) part modular, part panelized, part on site stick building. Don't settle, build the home of your dreams. Whether it's 1000-5000 square feet a Dream Home is a Dream Home no matter what size it is.

*Sites located in New England or Eastern New York only.